"Cauldron" Clock
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"Cauldron" Clock
Type : SevenGem
Description :

The clock's display is tall. The clock has a nice amount of padding at the edges. There is quite a bit of space between the digits of the clock's display, so the digits feel somewhat far apart. The clock has an edge glow effect. The edge glow is very opaque. The color of the edge glow is black. It is very fat and extends close to the center, leaving a small window clear in the middle. The clock has a color grid effect as a background. The color at the top left corner is close to red, with a hint of orange red and crimson. The color at the top right corner is close to dim grey, with a hint of dark olive green and dark slate grey. The color at the bottom left corner is close to deep pink, with a hint of crimson and medium violet red. The color at the bottom right corner is close to crimson, with a hint of medium violet red and deep pink. The digits of the clock's display are made up of several segments. The digits are very opaque, but one may still see a hint of what is beneath them. Their color is black. There is no gap between the digit segments. The digit segments have a drop shadow. The shadow has no offset. The shadow is quite blurred, and its outline is not so clear. The shadow has a small amount of spread, adding a bit of strength. The color of the shadow is close to orange red, with a hint of tomato and chocolate. The shadow is completely opaque, and should feel very strong.

The SevenGem clock combines a seven segment display for the digits, a four corner color smooth gradient background, and an edge glow with themeable color, thickness, and opacity. The individual segments of the digits support theming by color, opacity, border width, border radius, segment thickness, segment gap, two inset shadows, and one drop shadow. Additionally, digit spacing, overall clock aspect ratio, and edge padding can also be themed.